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Biruh Management Consultancy Service is rendering management consultancy services for various companies in the area of conducting gap analysis, financial management, project management and supply chain management.

Training and Development

Biruh Management Consultancy Service is extending value added tailored soft skill trainings that complement existing and relevant skills that are desirable for any organization regardless of their establishment objective as profit or non-profit making.

Preparation of Various Document

Biruh Management Consultancy Service is engaged in producing various documents such as Preparation of Strategic Plan, Annual Plan, Project Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Policies, Procedures, bid document, workout Strategy (for problem loans and advances).

The Credit Process is one of the core processes that are contributing for the major share of the profitability of the Banking industry. The credit facilities are extended mainly either for working capital and/or project financing. The major source of this financing is not from the bank’s shareholders contribution. Rather, it is extended from the deposit mobilization made from customers in the form of current; saving and time deposits. All these deposits are liability to the Bank which portrayed Banks are extending majority of the credit facilities from borrowed funds.

Accordingly, proper risk identification requires while processing loans and advances whether it is working capital financing; project financing and/or other form of financing such as Letter of credit and letter of guarantee facilities. Besides, it requires to clearly understanding the credit process. The risk identification and the credit process starts from identification and verification of customers and extends up to the full settlement of the loans and advances.

However, the importance of the role of the Supply Chain Management concept in the determination of the required project as well as working capital financing is negligible during the credit analysis and appraisal process as well workout  management of problem loans. These significantly contribute for delay of projects, cost overrun, over-financing or under-financing, diversion of fund, quality problem and interruption of the day-to-day operation of the business. All these are among the major causes for the default of loans and advance.

Risk and uncertainty have always been an important issue in supply chain management. Earlier literature considers risks in relation to supply lead time reliability, price uncertainty, and demand volatility which lead to the need for safety stock, inventory pooling strategy, order split to suppliers, and various contract and hedging strategies.

In recent years, the value of Supply Chain Management has become very popular. Supply-chain management handles the flow of material and information throughout the supply chain in an attempt to deliver the right products in the right quantities, at the right place, at the right time and at minimal cost. The successful focus of many companies has been to integrate the efforts of various internal functions and external entities in the supply chain in order to improve planning and execution.

In general, the role of the concept of the supply chain management is paramount important for proper credit analysis and appraisal; for the determination of the working capital and project financing; and the management of problem loans and advances. Moreover, researches proved that 50% of business organizations regardless of their size and complexity as small, medium, large, and complex, they will fail within five years of their establishment due to failure to understand and apply the concept of Supply Chain Management. As a result, this concept is also vital not only in the Banking industry but also for any organizations regardless of their establishment objectives as profit or non-profit making.

Understanding the importance of value adding training and development for the banking industry as well as any organizations, Jemaneh Gebre General Trading PLC (under the trade name Biruh Management consulting Firm) through its Management Consultant is rendering various trainings on Credit and Supply Chain Management areas.

The Consultant has reach experience in Banking industry with different duties and responsibilities including leading the Credit and Procurement Departments as well as General Manager of a company engaged in import and manufacturing activities. Moreover, he has wide practical experience in rendering of training programs both in the credit and supply chain management areas. These coupled with his experience in Project Management, Branch Operations, Internal Audit, and Planning and Monitoring enabled our company to have confidence in delivering value adding trainings and consultation services (including gap identification).

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