The firm is rendering the consultancy service focusing in the following areas:

Over the years, Biruh Management Consulting Firm has been known in its quality of consultancy as well as training programs. In the consultancy industry, it positioned itself in offering practical business solutions in Supply Chain Management (SCM), Banking and Project Management. Upon clients’ request, it also avails its professional support in due course of implementing these solutions to the build-in business processes as well as organizational culture. It also proposes an appropriate IT solution to make the process efficient and work collaboratively with the IT solution provider. In particular, the consultancy focuses on the following organizational management issues:

  1. Management Consultancy;
  2. Preparation of Strategic plan;
  3. Preparation of Annual Plan;
  4. Preparation of Project Feasibility Study (including Bankable document for bank financing);
  5. Preparation of Business Plan (including for working capital request from Banks);
  6. Drawing a workout strategy for managing problem loans;
  7. Providing Training on Supply Chain Management and Credit area;
  8. Reviewing bid documents and advising how to complete technical and financial offers;
  9. Drawing and/or consulting in the preparation of procedures such as Finance; Human Resource Management; Procurement; Warehouse Management (Including Inventory & Fixed Asset Administration and Audit.
  10. Project Management (as a Coordinator) through synchronizing the Supply Chain Management and Finance;
  11. Analyzing and interpretation of financial analysis (Balance Sheet; Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement) and propose a solution to improve the financial management of the business including the working capital management; and
  12. Conduct gap analysis in the finance, procurement, warehouse management (including disposal) and propose appropriate solutions. It will also propose IT solutions to make the process efficient and works collaboratively with the IT solution provider during installing and testing the system.


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